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Dino Party Centerpiece Set

$9.89 $13.25

Dino Party Centerpiece Set

Our Dino Party Centerpiece Set has it all. The set features a 3-D honeycomb erupting Volcano (with lava, smoke and all), and 3 stand-up assorted cute-looking dinosaurs: a T-Rex, a Brontosaurus and a Stegosaurus.

They measure:

Volcano: 13.2 in wide by 16.6 in tall.
T-Rex: 8.7 in wide by 6.6 in tall.
Brontosaurus: 10.8 in wide by 5.9 in tall.
Stegosaurus: 9.7 in wide x 4.5 in tall.

Bring on a Jurassic Park atmosphere to your little one's cute Dinosaurs themed birthday party, with this fantastic piece of decoration.