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Party Animals 3D Centerpiece Set

$7.59 $11.30

Get wild with your party decor and pick up our Party Animals 3D Centerpiece Set.

These colorful, freestanding centerpieces will look exceptional on the food or party tables at your child’s next zoo or animal themed birthday party.

The set features a realistic black and white zebra, elephant and leopard in red, blue and green party attire on red, blue and green round, folded paper honeycomb bases.

A backdrop card featuring a monkey and giraffe, multi-colored plants and a red edge with the text “Get Wild!” completes the design.

The Party Animals 3D Centerpiece Set comes 4 pieces to a package, including:

  • One backdrop measuring 11.75 in wide x 27 in long.
  • One zebra centerpiece measuring 12.2 in wide by 8 in tall.
  • One elephant centerpiece measuring 12.8 in wide by 9.5 in tall.
  • One leopard centerpiece measuring 10.2 in wide by 9.25 in tall.