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Girl Dino Party Shaped Honeycomb Centerpieces, 2 Ct

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Don’t be a nervous rex about table decor! Pick up our Girl Dino Party Shaped Honeycomb Centerpieces.

This centerpiece set will look great on the food or party tables at your child’s next dinosaur themed birthday.

These freestanding centerpieces feature one plump, pink triceratops and one rotund, orange brontosaurus. The delicate paper honeycomb folds to form the belly of each dinosaur for a fun, 3D effect.

The Girl Dino Party Shaped Honeycomb Centerpieces measure 9.25 long by 7.5 in tall (triceratops) and 9.25 in long by 12 in tall (brontosaurus), and come 2 to a package.