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Farmhouse Fun Centerpiece Set

$8.79 $13.25

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Give your party guests a fun centerpiece to look at and even play with by setting out the Farmhouse Fun 3D Stand-up Centerpiece with Honeycomb Animals.

The 3D bright red barn features colorful details like windows and depictions of favorite barnyard animals.

The centerpiece comes with three honeycomb animals: a horse, cow, and sheep. The honeycomb design adds dimension and fun.

The centerpiece barn measures 9.5 in tall by 9.5 in wide by 6 in deep while the horse measures 6 in tall by 5 in wide, the cow measures 6 in tall by 4.75 in wide and the sheep measures 5.5 in tall by 5 in wide.

Each centerpiece set comes with a barn and one of each described barnyard animal. Super easy to assemble and impossible to forget!