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Carnival Decor Foil Signs

$4.59 $6.15

Direct your guests to food, fun and games at your next circus themed birthday party or block party with our intricate Carnival Décor Foil Sign Kit.

These detailed, colourful directional signs will look great at the entrance to your party space and will enhance your carnival themed party décor.

The Carnival Décor Foil Signs kit features 4 high quality signs per package: a red and white Concessions sign, a red, orange and yellow Prizes sign, a red and white Games sign, and a blue and white Admission sign. All signs are shaped like arrows to point the way to fun!

The Concessions sign measures 5.2 in wide by 15 in long.
The Prizes sign measures 6 in wide by 12.4 long.
The Admission sign measures 5 in wide by 15 in long.
The Games sign measures 3.9 in wide by 15 in long.