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Candy Shop Cello Rolls Favors Wrapper, 8 Ct

$7.09 $10.40

Candy Shop Cello Rolls Favors Wrapper

When you have little guests attending a Candy Shop themed birthday party, imagine their faces when you hand them a large Cello Roll filled with party favors!

Our fabulous Candy Shop Cello Rolls are simply, the best form of loot bag ever to be filled with yummy treats and party favors.

This set consists of 8 cellophane sheets, 16 pieces of pink ribbon and 8 colorful striped card-boards.

Place your treats and favors on top of the cardboard and cellophane and roll them over like a burrito. A double sided tape will allow you to secure the card-board in place.

Then twist the sides of the cellophane and secure it with the included pieces of white ribbon.

Each pack includes cellophane, cardboard and ribbons to make 8 Favor Rolls. They measure 2.5 in x 4 in.