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Butterfly Shimmer 3D Wall Cutouts

$8.29 $12.35
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Make your party decorations flutter with our Butterfly Shimmer 3D Wall Cutouts.

These beautiful butterfly shaped 3D cutouts will look exceptional on the walls in your event space as a focal point at your next birthday or baby shower.

Available in pastel pink, purple and mint, and accented by a high quality gold metallic foil, these pretty 3D butterflies will add charm and magic to any celebration.

Our Butterfly Shimmer 3D Wall Cutouts come 3 to a package:
The Pink Butterfly measures 8.4 in wide by 12 in tall.
The Purple Butterfly measures 9.77 in wide by 12.25 in tall.
The Mint Butterfly measures 9.5 in wide by 12.5 in tall