Bumblebee Baby Centerpiece Sticks


Add a sweet touch of honey and bees to your party decorations with our Bumblebee Baby Centerpiece Sticks.

The versatile sticks feature cardboard cutouts attached to a white plastic stick. One stick is a yellow beehive with a gray heart-shaped entrance, and the other two are adorable bees. 

Use them as pretty accents to a floral arrangement, place them on a vase or bucket as on our illustration, or even as cake toppers, these cute centerpiece sticks will tie your honeybees decorations together.

Perfect for any Bees and Honey themed baby shower, birthday party or tea party celebration.

The Bumblebee Baby Centerpiece Sticks include cutouts that measure 6 in by 6 in and plastic sticks that measure 9.5 in long and 10 in long and come 3 in a package. 

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