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Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

And let the games begin! But which baby shower games are best? This article explores the top 10 baby shower games, providing an overview of each along with rules. This will help you find the right baby shower game for your guests and save you time planning for the shower.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

That depends on how long you plan for the party to last. If you have time, three games would be ideal. Some people easily tire of games, so two is also a good bet. 

What are good prizes for baby shower games?

Usually small gifts like coffee mugs or stationary items are the norm, but you could also do magazine subscriptions, a candy bar, restaurant or spa gift cards. The sky’s the limit on what you can choose for a door prize and game prizes. As far as party favors go, Partythings.ca offers a good selection of baby shower party favors.

The winners are…

So many baby shower games can be found on Pinterest and baby shower sites. We compiled the most popular baby shower games here along with instructions for how to play them. For baby shower supplies and game products, please visit our baby shower game products page. We have word games, bingo games, scratch card games, and other baby shower game kits.

Baby Shower Bingo

If you’d like to choose a tame and fun baby shower game, then baby shower bingo is your best bet. It’s not gross like the dirty diaper style games, and it’s appropriate for all ages. Party Things has an awesome collection of baby shower bingo cards and game items. PartyThings.ca also carries a number of other baby shower-related products to make your baby shower a success.

Dirty Diaper Door Prize Game

This is a cute and funny game for door prizes, and all you need are a few diapers and some mustard. Before the party starts, choose one of the diapers to be the “dirty” one. Squirt a bit of mustard in the center of the diaper and tape it shut. Close all the other diapers, too. As the guests arrive, hand them one of the diapers. After the party begins, have everyone introduce themselves and tell how they know the mother-to-be. After everyone has introduced themselves, ask them all to open the diapers. The guest with the dirty diaper wins a prize!

Baked in the Cake Baby Game or “Baby Dec-a-Cake”

The day before the shower, bake some cupcakes. In one of the cupcake cups, drop a miniature plastic baby. At the party, bring out the undecorated cupcakes along with frosting, candies, and baby decorations. After everyone decorates their cupcake, the mom-to-be will judge and choose the best cupcake. The winner receives a prize. After that, tell the guests before they eat their cupcakes that whoever has the baby inside their cupcake is the next mother-to-be!

Guests Guess the Baby Food

Sometimes baby food flavors can be hard to discern without the label. It’s easy to spot a jar of mashed peas though, but the other flavors can be hard to pin down. For example, baby food carrots look a whole lot like baby food sweet potatoes. There are plenty of mushy baby foods from which to choose for this game. Get about five to seven different flavored jars and label them only with numbers. Ask the guests to sample each jar. The guest with the most accurate taste buds wins!

Who’s the baby? 

Before the baby shower, ask each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. Assign a number to each photograph and place it on a wall for display. The object of the game is to match the photograph to the guest. The person who correctly guesses the most matches wins.

The Price is Right

Come on down! This is a fun baby shower game for all. If you’ve watched the television game show “The Price is Right,” then you’ll know how to play this game. Purchase ten baby products and write the price of each on (one side) folded blank note cards. Ask the guests to guess the price of each item. The guest with the highest total without going over the actual price wins. The mother-to-be gets to keep the products.

Onesie Works of Art

Buy a baby onesie for each guest to decorate along with fabric paint and baby-safe decorations. Ask the guests to decorate their onesie for the baby. The one with the best onesie masterpiece wins! Also, the parents-to-be have several beautifully decorated onesies for their little one to use. You can find packs of onesies at Walmart, Target, or a baby supply store. The fabric paint and baby-safe decorations can be found at craft stores such as Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby. 

Diaper Derby

This is a silly one for good friends. The object of this baby shower game is to form teams and wrap one team member up in toilet paper as a pretend diaper. The most creative or neatly diapered “baby” wins. Watching adults hastily diaper a friend in toilet-paper-made diapers is hilarious, but it’s a game best played among good humored friends who don’t mind being silly.

Baby Feeding Game

Want to watch your guests drool baby food? This is the game for you! It involves each person donning a large bib and being fed by their team. Did I mention each team member is blindfolded? Yes, that makes this game more fun. You can split everyone up into teams of two or more. Large bibs, baby food jars of applesauce, and spoons are all you need.

Diaper Raffle

This is a tried and true baby shower game that’s fun for all, and it supplies the parents-to-be with plenty of diapers that they’ll need as soon as their little one arrives. You can’t have enough diapers with a newborn. A new baby can fill up to 70 diapers per week. When you send out baby shower invitations, include a note asking guests to bring a bag or box of diapers in order to enter the baby shower raffle. In exchange for the diaper package, the guest will receive a raffle ticket. The more diaper packages they bring, the more raffle tickets they receive, and the better their chance of winning. In the end, one lucky guest will win a prize, and the parents-to-be will have a hefty supply of diapers for their newborn. It’s a win win for all!

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